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Natural makeup has landed!

After searching high and low and even contemplating creating our own natural makeup range we have found what we truly believe is the best natural makeup in Australia. So, who is it…?

Adorn Cosmetics! Adorn ticks so many boxes for us – it’s non-toxic, natural, organic, vegan, and Australian made and owned. They even have earth-friendly product refills.

We’re over the moon to be stocking Adorn’s products in our online shop, but before you go over and check out the range let’s play a little game called “haaaaaave you met …..?”

Haaaave you met Briony Kennedy?

Briony is the wonderful creator of Adorn Cosmetics and we were introduced to her by a mutual friend. Straight away we felt like we had met someone who shares the same philosophies and that it would take us a very long time to create a makeup range that rivalled what Briony has created at Adorn.

natural makeup adorn mineral makeup range

The driving force behind Adorn’s natural makeup

Adorn Cosmetics is not Briony’s first foray into the world of business. At the age of 11 she ran ‘Briony’s Bunny Business’ where she bred and sold birds, bunnies and fish. From that early venture she has gone on to become a 10 year veteran of the beauty industry with many feathers in her cap. Salon owner, makeup artist and model are to name but a few.

Giving birth to twin boys in 2008 and becoming a mother fuelled Briony’s passion to start a makeup line that was for women just like her who want a natural cosmetics range that doesn’t compromise on either results or their health.

Briony also draws inspiration from all women. In her own words “Women inspire me. We simply are able to do it all – Frequently with a smile, sometimes with a frown, often whilst laughing and occasionally whilst crying!”

Adorn Cosmetics is Briony’s vision turned into reality. It is one of the most accredited make up brands available with accreditations from cruelty free organisations PETA and the CCF, The Vegan Society and Australian Made and Owned.

natural makeup trust adorn cosmetics mineral organic

Giving back

Briony doesn’t stop there with Adorn proudly supporting many charities such as The Warwick Cancer Foundation, Olivia Newton John Wellness Clinic, and the Orangutan Foundation International Australia. She is also personally a proud spokesperson for PANDA and Beyond Blue’s anti natal depression programs after she has suffered from the illness herself.

So hopefully you agree that Briony is a good egg and why we have chosen Adorn Cosmetics as a partner for Happy Skincare.

Natural makeup sample packs – The best (ONLY!?) way to try something new

Natural makeup sample pack - Adorn CosmeticsNow, we all know that we love a good sample pack here at Happy Skincare because we completely understand that you are the best judge to see if a product suits you.

So in keeping with the same spirit we have sample packs Adorn’s mineral makeup products! And just because we like to look after you our natural makeup sample pack comes with free Australian shipping and a $9.90 Next Purchase voucher

The pack includes 4 natural makeup products and comes in 6 different colours so there is a tone combination for everyone.

Check out our natural makeup sample pack here.

Our first shipment is only small and is going to be in our warehouse from Tuesday but we wanted to give you, our lovely friend and reader, the first chance of snapping some up by pre ordering. So if you are as excited as we are get in quick so you don’t miss out and have to wait for the next shipment.

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