G'day, we're Aaron and Phoebe. Woohoo Body and Happy Skincare are our brand-babies.

Woohoo Sticks With Biofill

We ship your orders plastic-free - those little peanuts are compostable and dissolve in water 👍

Happy You Hair

Our beautiful Happy You Hair range is temporarily out of stock while we update our formulas. New formulas will be re-launching in June 2021. Watch this space x

CreatingHappy You Hairhas been a fascinating and humbling journey for us, and what we discovered along the way about the eco concerns about non-biodegradable "wash-off" products inspired us to develop a range of products that do things differently.

Our new shampoo, conditioner and deep moisture mask walk the talk by giving you the results you demand from salon-quality hair care products, but without the environmental impacts. Our formulas are 100% biodegradable and marine safe, unlike most commercial and natural products, even the solid bar kind. We hope you love them!

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