G'day, we're Aaron and Phoebe. Woohoo Body and Happy Skincare are our brand-babies.

Woohoo Sticks With Biofill

We ship your orders plastic-free - those little peanuts are compostable and dissolve in water 👍

COVID-19 Update - We're open!

Last updated 9 May 2020

To our fabulous Woohoo tribe - we've been missing you! But today there's some good news :)

Due to the social distancing restrictions in NSW being relaxed a little we have now re-opened the doors of our shop in Adamstown. That means things at the Happy Shed are getting back to normal - Woohoo!

And as always we're still shipping orders placed online at www.woohoobody.com.au.

As a small business it has been a tricky time to navigate but we're feeling really good that Woohoo Body will ride out the COVID-19 storm and come out the other side smiling right back at you :)  

If you can't come and say g'day in person, you can always email uscall us, or jump on Facebook and send us a message about ANYTHING.

The shop has re-opened :)

We have now re-opened the shop. Hurrah! The shelves are stocked and we're here ready to welcome you again. Feel free to place your order online and then come in for a quick pickup, or you can order in-store - we'll be excited to see you either way xx (at a responsible distance of course!).

Contactless delivery with Australia Post

We've found that Aussie Post have been going above and beyond during this worldwide pandemic to give you the best possible service when it comes to getting your mail delivered on time.

Unfortunately we've noticed a few delays with interstate orders (particularly Western Australia) as your mail is going by road instead of air, but the delays haven't been significant. The biggest thing to note is that Express Post is no longer Guaranteed Next Day Delivery - we need to allow some extra days for the time being.

Every delivery is contactless which means you can receive your deliveries safely without answering your door. Even if you've requested that your parcel is signed for your local postie will sign on your behalf so that you can maintain social distancing. 

Precautions we're taking at the Happy Shed

At the Happy Shed we've been practicing social distancing very diligently, with some team members working from home, and our warehouse and manufacturing staff following strict guidelines to ensure everyone's safety and good health. 

Thank you thank you thank you

We can't say enough how grateful we are that you're still there, reading our emails and chatting with us on Facebook and Insta, keeping everything as normal as possible during these very un-normal times. 

And an even bigger thank you to anyone who has placed an order with us and helped support our small business, keeping our (virtual) doors open. You're all AMAZING and we wouldn't be here without you!!

Stay well and keep smiling,

xoxox Aaron and Phoebe

(Hoping to see you in person soon!)


P.S. Please don't be concerned that we're not social distancing in this picture. It was taken pre-Corona Virus but we are married and regarded as a "single infection unit" which means we're allowed to touch each other  :) 

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